Special Bottle Release: Brett Earl!

Big news, folks …

We get lots of questions about “the expansion”, how it’s coming, when we’re moving (we’re not), when’s it gonna be done, etc … While we expanded the production side of things last year with a system that increases our output 7 fold, there are many elements to “the expansion” yet to be complete. Part of that is the new bar being built out next door, which is still a few months out. Another big piece of it all is the barrel room upstairs, which is now complete, and allows us to dive headlong into the funky, spirited and sour side of things. Tomorrow, we start the steady onslaught of bottle releases with Brett Earl, our brettanomyces conditioned Bière de Garde. It’s 7.5%, malty, dry, funky and almost champagne-like in it’s bright fizziness. Brett Earl won silver at WA Beer Awards this year, and we felt it would age really well, so we’ve cellared it an additional 6 months, with fantastic results. We’ll be opening early at 2pm (Friday 10/21) and selling bottles from the garage door entrance, in addition to our typical pints from the front counter. 750 ml bottles will be $16 plus tax, and we’ll be releasing 23 cases. Corkage fees for on premise drinking will be $4/bottle.