Spring Pale Ale now on tap

And just like that, we have another new beer on tap. The Spring Pale is a crisp, dry, hoppy pale ale closely aligned with the notion of a session IPA. Using just Mosaic and Calypso hops, it’s dry hopped, moderately bitter, 5.8%, and very light bodied. It’s a perfect springtime beer, and our patio wants you on it with one of these in hand. Here’s the current tap list:

  1. Rye IPA
  2. West Coast IPA
  3. Imperial IPA
  4. Spring Pale
  5. Wheated Red Ale
  6. Cascadian Dark Ale
  7. Cream Phoenix on nitro
  8. Schwarz Kölsch
  9. Altbier
  10. Stress Test
  11. Auld Alliance Gruit
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer