Standard history for sale!

No, not the company to AB Inbev, our sexy brass tower keg dispenser is up for sale for $900. It comes with a free growler full of beer.

IMG_3516 IMG_3520

I still remember the day I switched from bottling my homebrew to kegging it. What a difference it made. Bottling days were so time consuming and annoying. The beer would be done, and now it had to sit and condition in the bottle for a couple weeks before I could drink it. It felt like a waste of time. I’m not known for my patience, and moving to kegging was a godsend, as I could force carbonate and drink the good stuff immediately. I built a brass towered keezer to dispense the goods, and intended to clad it in wainscoting, so I could have the sexiest beer dispenser in homebrewdom. Overnight, the beer consumption doubled because of it’s ease of getting into my face, and I never got around to finishing the wood exterior.

When Standard first opened, I had 8 taps available. I had to build a new keezer to hold the variety I wanted to have. When we got an invite to Penumbra, the Stranger’s beer and music festival, I didn’t own a jockey box and had to come up with a way to dispense beer at a festival. In my basement at home, my first keezer sat, functional, but not finished. I spent the next week giving it swagger, so we could show up to our first festival in style, as the smallest brewery in attendance.

We pulled up to the loading dock and muscled it out of the truck. Rolling into the back of the hall, the Boneyard brewers passed and blurted, “Well, you guys win for presentation!” We proceeded to also win the randall competition by running the CDA through rosemary and Chinook hops. Looking back on it, that was about the moment we landed on the map. Bloggers and brewers took note, and we started getting visitors from outside the neighborhood. It seemed foolish not to included the new keezer eye candy in the taproom, and we bumped up to 12 taps that week.

Now it sits, looking fine, and in need of a new home. Please come take this baby off our hands so we can make room for new equipment. It’s been decommissioned and sits, looking for beer to dispense. Starting this week, we now pour straight out of our new cold room, and sadly must say goodbye to an old friend. Email me if you’re interested in taking it off our hands.