Stress Test Single Hop now on tap!

Greetings, all –

So often, we describe a beer by it’s grain and hop content, but rarely does the yeast component come up, and even less, the composition of the water. It’s hard to talk about cations and anions, chloride to sulfate ratios and magnesium content without people passing out from boredom, so we’ll avoid the water discussion for now. This time, however, the yeast component is worth mentioning. In this new Single Hop, we used a relatively unknown new hop called Azacca, but the more interesting component is the yeast. Stressing out yeast in various ways causes it to generally produce esters, which can taste like various things. Many Belgian beers aim for this, as do some of the more funky American beers. Generally speaking, hoppy, west coast styled beers try for a clean yeast profile, but this time around, we made a beer that shoots for fruity esters that bring complexity to pair with the hops. With an English strain, and a lower than usual amount of yeast, the underfed bugs produced appley, stone fruity, apricot aromas and mid palate, with a pleasingly dry, bitter finish. Stress Test Single Hop is 6.6%, and freshly tapped, so come and get it.

Also, if you are planning to make it to our beer dinner at Cafe Barjot, you should know that as of the writing of this blog, there are only 2 spots left at the 8:30 seating. There are a handful of spots left at the 6:00 seating, but don’t delay, because space is disappearing fast!