Super Bowl is, wait, whatever, So Pitted IIPA!!

Hey guys. So Super Bowl 50 is gonna be between, not the Seahawks and somebody else, but between the Denver Broncos and Cam Friggin’ Newton. You know, that guy with the cheesy grin and penchant for dabbing? I haven’t met more than two people that really care about the game, but it’ll be on the screen outside at 3:30 anyways.

More important than the Super Bowl, however, is that we just released another new IPA. We’re calling it So Pitted IIPA. Right. It’s juicy as hell and loaded with tropical fruit notes, and for some reason we’re naming it after this guy. Made with Maris Otter grains, and a daft amount of hops, it was an experiment on how far we can take things before a beer succumbs to an absolute oil slick of hop juice. Clocking in at 8.4%, it’s on tap now. Come sit in the sun with us and drink great beer.

IMG_3966The taps:

  1. So Pitted IIPA
  2. Bam Bam Black Beer
  3. Wheated Red Ale
  4. Philistine IIIPA
  5. Earl, Bière de Garde
  6. Li’l Brown Beer
  7. Latona IIPA
  8. Belgian Black
  9. Edith, Saison
  10. Glass Jaw
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Elemental Dry Cider