On tap this week: Belma Single Hop

I don’t know how many of you came out to Penumbra, but those that did now know that it’s the most fun you can have at a beer festival. We had a blast, and thank you to everyone that showed us so much support! If you didn’t go, you may not know that we won the Randall competition running the CDA through Rosemary and Chinook and Columbus hops. Can’t wait for next year!

This week marks the arrival of a new Single Hop Session beer. This time it’s with Belma hops, known for their mellow citrus and strawberry notes. Did you hear that? STRAWBERRY. IN HOPS. I know. It’s awesome. This is a perfect spring beer, and it’s only 5.4%, so you can have, like, 40 of them. Come and get it!

Coming soon – a dandelion beer and a soured beer. Keep your ears to the ground.