On tap this week: Bottled Bee’s Wine, Bike Racks, and a new “Single Hop”

It’s a big week for us here at Standard. We’ve been slaving for months to get the Bee’s Wine into 12 oz bottles. You’ve probably seen the brite tank sitting in the background, connected with tubing and a nifty silver jacket. I had to build a bottling line, a new walk in, and figure out infrastructure for handling pallets worth of bottles, labeling, etc … but today you can walk in and leave with a 6 pack of Bee’s Wine in bottles!! If you’re new to the Standard Brewing blog, Bee’s Wine is ginger beer as you won’t taste from anyone else. It is ginger beer as it originally was, fermented with a very specific culture that was originally required just to call it “ginger beer”. If you find another ginger beer on the market that uses fermentation at all, it is likely ale or champagne yeast, and not this special culture. It’s about 2% alcohol, extremely refreshing, and now you don’t have to drink 64 oz of it from your growler all at once, just to keep it from going flat! Mix cocktails with it, drink it straight from the bottle, take it camping and cure your hangover with this little number. Come and get it for $4 a bottle.

IMG_2448After a standing request to the city for over a year, WE FINALLY GOT A BIKE RACK! Look for it on our side of Jackson St. in the parking lane just east of 25th. It’s the 3 staple corral style, so we should be able to handle quite a few locked up bikes from here on out.

Lastly, today we are releasing the latest variety of “Single Hop”. It gets quotes, because it isn’t really a single hop, but rather a proprietary blend called “Falconer’s Flight”. A combination of a whole bunch of Northwest grown hops put together by Hop Union in honor of Glen Hay Falconer, it includes Simcoe, Citra, and Sorachi Ace, as well as some experimental varieties. The blend is kind of a special thing, not just because proceeds from these hop sales go toward the Falconer Foundation, which supports the brewing industry, but because it really is a kind of perfect union of hops. It sits beautifully between all the pine, grapefruit, citrus and tropical fruit notes you’d expect from an IPA hop. Come refresh yourself with this highly quaffable 5.4% beer.

P.S. Kölsch will be back on Thursday, and look next week for the IRA and Experimental IPA!