On tap this week: Dark Saison

First, we got a nice little mention in the Seattle Weekly the other day for the Seahawk Randalling we’ve been doing. One more for the Super Bowl, y’all, so if you’ve been meaning to try it, you better come watch the big game with us.

Next, a quick note about the next new beer to come down the line. I was calling it a “Winter Saison”, but I’d rather focus on how sunny it’s been, and the fact that I have daffodil shoots in my yard, so we’ll just stop short of name dropping seasons and call it a “Dark Saison“. It’s a sexy little beer. It was brewed with Belgian Saison yeast, roasted barley, chocolate malt, wheat and dried out with dextrose. The hops are primarily Mosaic and Saaz, and it clocks in at about 6.5%. It also was the beneficiary of some sweet orange peel and pepper in the boil. Sympathetic flavors range from cola/sarsaparilla to licorice and even blueberry, by some accounts. As soon as the Biere de Garde kicks, it’ll go on a tap.