On tap this week: Dry Hopped Rye Saison and Düsseldorf Altbier!

Feels like it’s been summer for two months already, and June just started. The long range forecasts I’m seeing are calling for a hot and dry summer as well. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling pretty good about the coming months. In preparation for all this great weather, we’re brewing summer style beers for you. Starting with:

MORE ALTBIER! So if you’ve tried the current Alt, you know it’s got a present malt with a satisfying roastiness, but it’s dry and clean and crisp. Technically speaking, that extra roast isn’t in style for that beer. We wanted to make another one, but this time, we’re following the traditional style of the Düsseldorf Altbier. While relying more on Munich (read toasty) than roast malts, this way of making it also isn’t afraid of a little assertion with the hops. We used Saaz, Mt Hood and Strisselspalt, and couldn’t help dry hopping it with a smidge of Hallertau. It is terrific, refreshing and 5.1%. It’ll be on when we kick the last 1/4 keg of the current batch of Alt.

DRY HOPPED RYE SAISON! In keeping with summery beer, we’re going to try to have a Saison on tap at all times. This time, we’re using the drying effect of some rye alongside floral and citrusy hops to make the best hot weather Saison we’ve done yet. Old world Strisselspalt and German Hallertau hops mingle with the orangey grapefruit of Amarillo late hopping. The dry hop happened with New Zealand Wakatu hops, which are an open pollination offspring of Hallertau. The result is a bright lime addition to Hallertau’s floral notes. It’s 5.4% and you’re going to want gallons of it.

Coming next week: Bee’s Wine in 12 oz bottles! Falconer’s Flight Single Hop!!

Coming sometime after that: India Red Ale returns! Experimental IPA with a weird yeast strain!!