On tap this week: A fond farewell

The week prior to opening Standard Brewing, I had scheduled a few soft openings. One of my old friends came to visit on what she thought was opening night, but she was a week early, and as it turned out, just an hour before the first party.

IMG_1225She and her husband became Standard’s first customers, and shortly thereafter, Laura became the first person to pour a pint of our suds besides myself. Without her help, the brewery would have been much harder to manage. Laura’s involvement made things like the patio expansion and improvements a possibility, and gave me time to focus on brewing more. She has been invaluable, and now she is leaving the state, heading to a place with more sunshine and opportunity. Friday, November 22nd will be Laura’s last shift, so if you appreciate her as much as I do, come get a final pint from her and send her off with some good vibes. The doors will be open from 4-8pm, or whenever she wants to shut them!

Regarding beer, here’s the tap list for the week:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. Cascadian Dark Ale
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale Ale
  6. Wheated Red Ale
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Barleywine
  9. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer