On tap this week: IPA Competition!

So we ponied up and put all of our IPAs into the annual National IPA Competition run by Brewing News. The bad news is that I didn’t tell you about it in time for you to fill out your own bracket with how you think the results will go. The competition is run tournament style, where each weekend, two breweries go head-to-head in a blind judging, advancing if a majority of 3 judges prefers it. The good news is that all three beers (Rye IPA, West Coast IPA, and Imperial IPA) won round one. The brackets are randomly aligned, so anyone could get knocked out by anyone at any time. It’s nice to say that we’ve already gone further than the likes of: Boneyard RPM IPA, Elysian Savant, Laurelwood Green Elephant, Anderson Valley Hop Ottin’, Seapine IPA, Two Beers Evo, Red Hook Longhammer, Stone Cali-Belgique, Racer 5 IPA, Rogue Brutal IPA, Goodlife Descender, Populuxe IPA, and Victory Hop Devil. All of these guys make great beer, so we feel pretty good about advancing. Follow along each week in the brackets for the IPA Championship and the Imperial IPA Championship. Say a little prayer for our Rye IPA, because it’s going up against one of my favorite beers, Firestone Walker’s Union Jack, this weekend. Yeesh.

Also, we’ve got a special deal for you homebrewers out there. I goofed and ordered Cascade whole cone hops when I meant to pick up pellets. Rather than ship them back, I figure I should just sell them cheap to you guys. Anyone that wants a 1 lb bag for $10 should email me right away. I’ve got 6 lbs left …

Otherwise, not much to mention, except that we’re doing a little renovation around the brewery, so don’t be surprised if it’s looking a little disheveled. We’re selling off the walk-in cooler this Thursday, so the room will suddenly look much bigger. It’s been outgrown, and the new cold room is 4 times the size.