On tap this week: Many announcements!!

I’ve been a little silent on the social media front for a bit. Darren and I have been cranking out batches of beer trying to get caught up from an extremely busy March. In silence, a backlog of important announcements has compiled. I’m going to try to be brief,

WE NOW HAVE 12 TAPS. Here’s what you can expect tonight.

  1. Rooftop Brewing collaboration and brewer’s night. TONIGHT!! We got together and schemed on using dandelions in a beer. The outcome is on tap starting tonight. We used dandelions to bitter this fuller bodied, 6.8% ale, and it’s being called Bedwetter Dandelion Ale. Why bedwetter, you ask? well, dandelions are a diuretic, and if you look up dandelion nicknames, many of them revolve around this irreverent property. Don’t worry, the beer won’t make you wet the bed, unless you already have a problem with that. Craig Christan from Rooftop Brewing will be on hand all night to hang and chat beer, along with a keg of their Coffee Porter!
  2. Spring Tart Ale! We will be experimenting a lot now that we have more taps. You may call them Standard Deviations. This one is a sort of “cheater sour”. We don’t have the space to be stock-piling barrels, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate sour beers. Adding acid to a beer after fermentation creates a simpler version of a sour, and we thought it might make a refreshing light beer for the warmer days. It’s 5.6%, made with Maris Otter, wheat and caramel malts, and showcases the fruitiest of hops in the aroma. Belma, Cascade, Legacy, Amarillo, Mosaic and Citra. Smells like an IPA, reminds you of a sour.

WE NOW HAVE 12 TAPS. Here’s what you can expect later this week.

  1. Sorachi Ace Saison! Sorachi Ace is a weird hop. It comes to the party with armloads of dill and lemongrass. We thought it would be an interesting side hop in a saison, so we’re doing another experiment. It also has East Kent Goldings, but nobody cares about that … 5.7%, with 2 row, vienna and honey malts. Should be on tap on Saturday.
  2. Nelson Sauvin Single Hop! Another weirdo hop, but not in a Bobcat Goldthwait sort of way, more like a Flight of the Conchords kind of way. New Zealand bred, said to have a white wine type aroma, with gooseberries and grape skins. As with all hop descriptions, your smelling may vary. Come enjoy many of them and tell us what you get, because it’s only 4.9%. A true session this time! It’ll be on tap when the Belma Single Hop kegs blow, probably some time this weekend.

See you at the brewery!