On tap this week: Outdoor Heat!

This week we get one step closer to finishing the outdoor patio with a patio heater. Combined with the canopy, the heat stays in and keeps the front patio plenty warm, even on 40 degree foggy nights. Later this week the projector arrives, and with it will come Seahawks games and movies on Sunday nights.

You may have noticed that the Imperial IPA came off for a second just before the Barleywine went on tap. It is back on, as the Fresh Hop has finished. So …

On tap:

  1. Dry Rye Nitro Stout
  2. Rye IPA
  3. CDA
  4. West Coast IPA
  5. Pale Ale
  6. Wheated Red Ale
  7. Imperial IPA
  8. Barleywine
  9. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer

Look soon for the Simarillian Pale Ale!