On tap this week: Presidential Mentions and a Single Gal

It’s a complicated week, this one. You’ve got an actual president’s birthday, followed shortly by a holiday celebrating romance, followed shortly by a holiday celebrating all of the presidents. It always seems a bit confused, like the holiday designers couldn’t agree and came to an awkward compromise. Either way, we’re going to do our darndest to be relevant in this mish-mash.

First, thanks to the Seattle Met for the mention in their article on bar-crawling President’s Day. We are the clear drinking establishment of choice if your name is Barack Obama. We won’t turn away your business if it isn’t.

For Valentine’s Day, we’re doing a sort of anti-celebration of romance. We are releasing our next Single Hop, made entirely with Galaxy hops. It’s been nicknamed the Single Gal around the brewery. Currently, Galaxy hops have the highest known total oil content, which contributes greatly to an intense aroma of citrus and passionfruit. With time, this beer will mellow out a bit, so come get it while it’s feeling mouthy! As with the rest of the beers in this series, it’s a session beer, at 5.0%, so you can keep your cool when enjoying more than one.

Current list:

  • Single Hop
  • Rye IPA
  • CDA
  • West Coast IPA
  • Pale Ale
  • Wheated Red Ale
  • Imperial IPA
  • Dark Saison
  • Bee’s Wine

Mark the date: March 20th is our one year anniversary! Keep an eye out for a special beer and a really fun night at the brewery.