On tap this week: Seahawks, Movies and Simarillian Pale

So we’ve had a busy month. Patio cover, then patio heater, TV, then an HD projector. The space is now ready for your wintertime revelry. Just in time for Halloween and Percy Harvin, we are Netflix and HD broadcast capable with both indoor and outdoor screens. From here till the end of the season, we’ll be opening early on Sundays (@ 1:00) to show Seahawks afternoon games. This excludes the two 10:00 am games and Monday against the Saints. If it’s confusing, just remember that if the game is on a Sunday, and it starts around 1:00, we’ll have it on.

As for Halloween, we’re going to break in the projector with 3 (sorta) scary movie nights this week. Here’s the schedule:

  • Thursday @ 6pm: Evil Dead
  • Friday @ 6pm: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
  • Saturday @ 6pm: The Baby

Lastly, we’ve kegged up the winner of the CDBC Pro/Am competition: Chris Prost’s Simarillian Pale Ale. With a solid dose of equal parts Simcoe and Amarillo, and at 7.0%, it’s a delicious hop slap. It’ll be on tap today, so come check it out.