On tap this week: Super Bowl randall!!

So I was wrong when I said the Dark Saison was about to hit the taps, but fret not, there are about 4 pints of Biere de Garde left, and it will go on tap some time today. As for this weekend, come on down and party, because we’ve got a hell of a game to play on Sunday. To commemorate what could arguably be the most important sports game in Seattle history, we’re doing our last randall of the season. It needs to be sessionable, and tempered, because one will need to drink a few of them. It should be balanced and nuanced, the way we need to play this game. It will need to have depth like our defense, and be rich in flavor, like the celebrations should be. As such, we’ll be randalling the Pale Ale (6.0%) with Cascade, Centennial, and Hallertau. It won’t be a slap in the face, but graceful and uplifting, as we send our good will across the states to New Jersey. Festivities will commence as soon as we open the doors on Sunday at 2. Go Hawks!