Tepache almost gone

Hey guys … yeah you, bartenders who like mixing with unusual, but traditional beverages … you, guy who drives up from Seatac to buy a growler every week because he can’t find real Tepache like he remembers it from home in Mexico City … you, folks who told me between gluttonous schlurps that pineapple beer was the best thing you’ve ever had … you, that person who said, “I’ve heard so much, but I’m gonna have to try it next time, because my significant other is telling me to come home already” …


There are only about 8-10 pints left, and it won’t be back until next summer. The problem is, now that I’ve brought in a separate tap for the nitro stout, we technically have 9 taps at the brewery, and I don’t feel like rearranging the letters on the menu board to make space for a 9th tap. So, it’s not on the board, but if you come down this weekend, you might get a pint. Alternatively, you could be a jerk and buy a growler of it, so no one else can have some. We won’t judge. You’re all aware that we are open 2-8pm Sundays, right?

Coming up … Wet Hop Ale #2 (Nugget, Willamette, Hallertau), and Barleywine!