Thank you! (and there is some Skid Road left …)

To everyone that came out last night, thank you all for helping us celebrate our 3rd anniversary! It was a record crowd for Standard Brewing, and the new patio arrangement held up to the crowd perfectly. It was a blast having Woodshop BBQ catering the event, and the weather held up perfectly. It felt like we were celebrating the first warm spring night of the year.

Skid Road bottle sales were amazing, and it was great to see that we blew through about 2/3 of our stock. The good news, for those of you hoping to get some but were unable, is that there is still some left. Come by the brewery today and secure a bottle, or get a case, because purchase limits have been lifted, and you can get as much as you like until it’s gone.

Then, when the work week cruelly slaps you with a reality check tomorrow, and it seems like the world has it in for you, remember that Standard now sets you straight and lifts your mood 7 days a week! Come by and welcome Robbie to the taps this Monday and Tuesday night from 4-8pm.