The patio is now covered!

I sure wish this would’ve been done a couple months ago, but we still have plenty of winter left. The patio is now properly covered with a 10 foot high, 550 square foot overhang! Back when the patio was a little triangle in the front of the building, I had a guy fashion a cloth covering to keep the rain off our heads. Well, as the world driving down Jackson became very aware, it was in bad shape. It was only intended as a temporary solution, and it certainly did it’s best to live beyond it’s expiration date. The wind storm last week tore the remaining shreds apart, and just in time, we got the overhang up. Take a look!


“Looks good, but how will I stay warm?” you ask. Ahh, help is on the way. For the next day or two, you’ll just have to snuggle up to the propane heater with a boozy beer in hand, but a plethora of industrial heaters were recently procured, and I fully expect them to be capable of curling your hair in a snowstorm. With any luck, they’ll be hooked up by next week. A special thanks to regulars Zeke and Alejandro for their help in realizing this baby. It would not have been possible without them.