The space so far.

I meant to start blogging about the misadventures of starting a nano (pico? femto?) brewery back when I first signed a lease on the new space, but I’ve been so distracted by the process … until now. This, my friends, is what the space looked like on the day I signed the lease. It is worth noting that it smelled so bad that nobody wanted to stay in the space for more than a minute or two. The previous tenant used the side room as a kitchen, but there was no vent, it was carpeted, and they clearly didn’t clean very often. Barf.

Such a cheery color, really: 

The color-match from Lowe’s must have been fantastic, because I totally can’t tell where the touch-ups are:

Glorious combo – yellow and brown. So primal. So basic. So expulsive.


The first equipment purchase – a couple stainless steel prep tables. Also, Moose:

Shelves full of food grime, refrigerator full of mold:

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