This Week’s New Beers

We’ve just added 3 more beers to the list!

Stoup’s Double IPA is a fine substitute for our Imperial IPA, and it’s all punchy and boozy like you’d expect. Schooner Exact’s Profanity Hill Porter is on for those of you that need dark chocolate flavors in your beer. Lastly, Almanac’s Saison Dolores is dry hopped and great for those of you missing saison season.

Also, there may be more to hops than you realize, and the Stranger just wrote an article that involves me blabbing on about the subject. Take a look at it, if you’re curious …


  1. Golden Ale (Machine House)
  2. Om Table Beer (Holy Mountain)
  3. coming tomorrow
  4. Mosaic Pale Ale (Stoup)
  5. Saison Dolores (Almanac)
  6. Double IPA (Stoup)
  7. Oatmeal Stout (Machine House)
  8. Kölsch
  9. Eddie IPL (Georgetown)
  10. coming tomorrow
  11. American Brown Ale (Reuben’s Brews)
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer