Three New Beers!

If you haven’t been around for a couple weeks, we’ve got a lot of new options for you right now:

Norma is a juicy, fruity and spicy saison, dry hopped with tropical Galaxy hops. The hop aromas work well with the spice notes of the saison yeast, making for a fantastic middle ground for hop lovers that want a refreshing saison style beer. It’s 6.0% and ready for chuggins.

Menomena is a delicious sour with a clean lactic tartness balancing dark crystal malts with a very dry and crisp finish. Notes of figs, red fruits and grapes skins come through in this little number. At 5.2%, it’s easy drinking and full of flavor.

War Pig is a nitro milk stout that’s chock full o’ roast character and creamy mouth feel that balances it all out in a 4.9% beer. If you like your stouts creamy and black as night, give this one a shot.

Here’s a shot of all the new kids on the block:



  1. Menomena
  2. Altbier
  3. coming soon
  4. Schwarzkölsch
  5. coming soon
  6. Kölsch
  7. Berliner Weisse
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Norma, dry hopped Saison
  10. Edith, Saison
  11. War Pig, Milk Stout on Nitro
  12. Elemental Blood Orange Cider