Tiny batch of Saison, Dag Blabbit, and Tan Lines now on tap

It’s been a minute since the last blog post, as the chore of expansion is taking all our time and energy. As the space continues to evolve, we are continuing to bring out new beers and revive old recipes. We’ve got a single keg of Saison on tap at the moment, and we’ll be following that with the ‘Merican Rye as soon as it blows. Get down here pronto if that’s your thing, because it probably won’t last till tomorrow.

While you’re at it, try a glass of Tan Lines, an awesome summery combination of a Kolsch grain bill and fermentation, with down under hops. We used Topaz, Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy hops to give it a tropical, pineapple vibe on top of Kolsch’s crisp and refreshing dryness. Come and get it. Oh yeah, and Dag Blabbit is back!

Of course, everything is changing around here, so don’t be surprised when you show up and the indoor space is now what used to be the patio!