Two Beers Released! Oaked Altbier and Green Mountains IPA!

It’s quite possible that you’re a little burned out on beer right now. Seattle Beer Week (and a half) was loaded with amazing beer releases, events and brewer’s nights. You’re probably feeling all, “The hop burps are finally gone, thank god!” Well, I’m here to tell you that you can easily put down 2 more glasses.

You’re gonna want to start with the Oaked Altbier, which is nothing more complicated than our Altbier, fermented in a third-use Woodford Reserve bourbon barrel. Still, the results are ethereal and lovely. Any spirit barrel repurposed for beer has a diminishing contribution to a beer with each use. The beer absorbs less of the flavor of the previous contents of the barrel with each pass, until it eventually becomes neutral. By the 3rd spin on a bourbon barrel, the flavor contribution is subtle, and the few weeks our Alt sat during fermentation was a perfect amount of time to lend a soft coconut/vanilla note it. The result is a lovely complexity added to the clean, grainy, cool fermented beer that is a kind of dark copper cousin to our Kölsch. Due to the limited availability, we aren’t selling growler fills, so come get a glass at the brewery!


Once you’ve gotten used to how great beer can be again, get your palate ready for something a bit more aggressive. We collaborated with Chuck’s Hop Shop to make a Green Mountains IPA, in the style of Vermont’s finest IPAs. The IPA world is loaded with variations. Northwest IPA? Make it a clean fermentation with extra caramel malt and pine flavored hops. San Diego IPA? Keep it dry, high alcohol, and never stop adding hops (the more the merrier). East Coast/British IPA? Use a fruity yeast strain, pull back on the hops, and keep it malty. Like Bend, in Oregon, Vermont breweries have established themselves with a subcultural IPA style, utilizing a citrusy hop bill, tons of late hopping, and medium bitterness. The style is typically unfined and unfiltered, leaving it cloudy. This accentuates the contributions of the yeast, which is often distinct, stone-fruity, and a big part of what makes it unique. Green Mountains is 7.8%, and available now at the brewery!


The taps:

  1. Mosaic Kölsch
  2. Oaked Altbier
  3. Truck Stick, Strong Ale
  4. Basil Saison
  5. Gravity Waves, Oatmeal Stout
  6. Belgian Black
  7. Altbier
  8. West Coast IPA
  9. Green Mountains IPA
  10. Tan Lines
  11. Elemental Pomegranate Cider
  12. Snuffleupagus, Imperial Stout on Nitro