Two New Beers: Bob’s Your Uncle and Fanboi Extra Pale!

First of all, you need to know that we’ll be open on Christmas Eve (Noon-8pm), Christmas Day (6pm to midnight), and New Year’s Eve (noon till late)! We are tapping two new beers today to fuel your holiday weekend, an old favorite and a brand new recipe.

Bob’s Your Uncle is our British Mild, full of toasty, grainy notes on the palate, and light on the hops. It’s engineered for drinking in multiples at 4.6%. It starts a touch sweet and finishes dry so you’ll keep coming back for more. Come be British with us for your Christmas times.


Fanboi Extra Pale is ready for your blind, hopeless devotion, with it’s deep haze and ultra late-hopping. It sports the latest in culty British yeasts, and looks good with your #doyouevenhazebro hashtag. We even fermented under pressure to induce high glycerol content, hopped it during fermentation with Galaxy, Chelan and Simcoe hops, targeted terpenoid biotransformations, and stuffed it with flaked barley and oats for cred in all the latest beer categories that matter. Come drink it and blow up your Instagram feed with tags like #milkshake, #orangejuiceorbeer and #hazedandconfused. Everyone will be amazed that you found the latest up and coming brewery!