Two New Beers: Old Money & Super Blue Blood

Now on tap:

Old Money is a 100% brettanomyces pale ale. When used to condition a beer that has already undergone fermentation, brett makes a beer quite funky, with aromatics reminiscent of goats and leather. If used for the initial ferment, it behaves much more like saccharomyces, the type of yeast used to make most beers. Old Money puts this on display. Fermented in oak and aged for 2 months, it has subtle brett aromatics, and a tart, fruity palate. moderate hopping gives it a pleasing, bitter finish. 6.8%


Super Blue Blood was brewed as the eclipse of it’s namesake was finishing up. It can best be described as a Super Berliner Weisse, with blueberry and pomegranate used in fermentation for complexity. Primarily, it is sour and refreshing, but smooth, with lots of malted and flaked wheat for body. Visually, it is cloudy, pink, and sports fantastic head retention for a sour. 6.3%