We’l be open on Thanksgiving

It’s that time again. It’s time to take a 4 day weekend, gorge yourself goofy and feel good about it that day after. Time to bring forth your secret recipes and indulge in the most mammoth quantity of good food you’ll set your eyes on all year, following up with copious adult beverages in the name of, not patriotism, scaring people, or some Irish saint, but just being gosh-darned thankful for stuff. It is the best holiday of them all, if you ask me, and unless you’re Canadian and already celebrated a month ago, you’ve got an obligation to warm your belly and be satisfied. If you’re like me, you’ll need at least one growler of beer for the party. In the name of all thanky things, we’ll be open from 11am-1pm tomorrow (that’s Thanksgiving), so you can grab some fermented product for your git-together. See you then.