We’re brewing again!

This week saw a return to what makes us feel normal. The new 7 barrel system went live on Monday and we churned out 3 batches of beer without too many hitches. There are always unforeseen issues when using new equipment, and we were surprised to see that there wouldn’t be too much to work around. It’ll be a few days before those beers hit the taps, so in the mean time, we’ve got a few more guest taps filling in.

I know it’s going to rain like hell tomorrow, but we just picked up more permanent outdoor shelter solution. That old custom cut tarp thingy was never meant to keep people dry throughout the winter, so come on down tomorrow and see how comfy you can be in the rain at Standard under this thing.

Heeeeeeeeeere’s the tap list! New beers are in bold:

  1. Golden Ale (Machine House)
  2. White Lodge Wit (Holy Mountain)
  3. Nothing But Flowers ISA (Black Raven) 5.0% light, dry, crisp, floral hoppiness
  4. Mosaic Pale Ale (Stoup)
  5. Saison Dolores (Almanac) 6.8% dry hopped saison w
  6. Top Cutter IPA (Bale Breaker) 6.8% citrus, fruity hops, pleasantly bitter
  7. Oatmeal Stout (Machine House)
  8. Kölsch
  9. Altbier
  10. NW Red Ale (Stoup)
  11. American Brown Ale (Reuben’s Brews)
  12. Bee’s Wine Ginger Beer