West Coast IPA is back!

We went on a slight diet with our IPAs over the last couple weeks, due to an excess of IPAs in the production queue. Last week we brewed a collaboration IIPA for the Latona Pub, and our Hop Mob contribution, Philistine IIIPA. Shortly, we’ll be doing a Chuck’s collaboration Vermont IPA, and we were trying to to over do it on the hops. However, as  one must not forsake their biggest seller and go-to IPA, the West Coast IPA is back on tap, and it is super dooper fresh. As we all know, drinking an IPA the second it matures is the best thing since sliced artisanal, organic, single batch bread, so you’d better swing by today and grab yourself a pint and a growler fill tonight. Get it while it’s still called the West Coast.

We will not be open early on Sunday for the Seahawks, as 10 am is just not beer-drinky enough for most people. We will be open at 2 pm, and we’ll have the Patriots vs Chiefs game on, so feel free to come watch the competition if you like.

Current tap list:

  1. Winter Pale
  2. Bam Bam Black Beer
  3. Wheated Red Ale
  4. Cascadian Dark Ale
  5. Bière de Garde
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Li’l Brown Beer
  8. Belgian Black
  9. Super Fly Imperial Rye IPA
  10. Glass Jaw
  11. West Coast IPA
  12. Elemental Dry Cider