West Coast IPA takes another medal

It’s been a while since we entered any competitions. The new system install took so much energy and time that it didn’t make any sense to complicate things with extra chores and deadlines. When I got a reminder that the Best of Craft Beer Awards was coming up, and the new system was pretty well dialed in, I figured it was time to start sending off six packs again. Last year, our West Coast IPA went home with a bronze, and we just got word that it repeated with another bronze medal this year! As is usually the case, the American IPA category is the most highly competitive field, and we’re proud to have beat out 131 other beers in the judging. Get it while you can at the tap room. Demand for it has been pretty stiff lately, and we’re down to our last half barrel keg of it while we wait for the current batch to finish up. There may be a short dry spell for a few days. In the mean time, take a look at the other winners from this competition down in Bend, OR. Also, congrats to the other Seattle area breweries that took medals, Reuben’s Brews, Populuxe, Snoqualmie and Dru Bru!