West Coast returns to tap list, IPA lovers rejoice

You may have been distracted by the heavy hand of Philistine IIIPA, or the psychedelic fruitiness of So Pitted IIPA, or the balanced and minty Latona IIPA, but we’ve been out of our best selling IPA for a week or so. Well, West Coast IPA is back on, and it’s super fresh. As we all know, IPAs are best drunk as fresh as possible, so come get it while it’s all punchy, bright, and extra aromatic. Hop heads take note, there are 4 IPAs on tap right now.

The taps:

  1. So Pitted IIPA
  2. Bam Bam Black Beer
  3. Wheated Red Ale
  4. Philistine IIIPA
  5. Earl, Bière de Garde
  6. West Coast IPA
  7. Latona IIPA
  8. Belgian Black
  9. Edith, Saison
  10. Glass Jaw
  11. Cascadian Dark Ale
  12. Elemental Dry Cider