Winter Warmer on tap!

We just tapped a single keg of Winter Warmer, our boozy, rich, 11.6% knockout punch of a beer. It’s one of many experiments we pulled from the lineage of partially fermented Snuffleupagus, this one blended with another wort and finished with British yeast. It’s complex and malty, and comes in a 10 oz pour, available until the keg runs dry. Here’s the rest of the tap list:

  1. Li’l Brown Beer
  2. Bam Bam Black Beer
  3. Wheated Red Ale
  4. Cascadian Dark Ale
  5. Winter Warmer
  6. Rye Porter
  7. Winter Pale
  8. Belgian Black
  9. Super Fly Imperial Rye IPA
  10. Glass Jaw
  11. Sweet Nothings
  12. Elemental Dry Cider