World Series and Halloween Cinema

There are 162 games of Major League Baseball played by 30 teams over 180 days each season. That’s 2430 games every year, and the main reason I tend to save the few spare chunks of gray matter I have left for things that don’t take up so much time. Nevertheless, when your World Series is the Giants vs. the Royals and it’s tied at 3-3 games, I have no problems turning it on the tube. Come down and watch the last drama filled game at 5pm.

As for the coming Halloween, we’ll be playing the most hilarious “scary” movies all week long in a marathon of Standard Brewing cinema. Here’s the lowdown:

Thursday, @ 6:00pm – John Dies at the End

Friday, @ 6:00pm – Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Saturday, @ 6:00pm – Fido

Sunday, @ 6:00pm – Dead Snow