Hey Standard, why can’t I sample your beers for free?

Yes, we charge for tasters. It’s pretty common these days that you see someone giving a splash of beer to a patron to let them try the beer before spending money on it, so why do we ask for money? Here’s our take on it:

  • The practice of free tasters began in the 90s, when beer was coming out of the dark ages of Spuds Mackenzie and Rocky Mountain water. Brewers that made anything other than rice lagers had to beg people to try the beer because the consumer was so loyally focused on one type of beer. Those days are gone. The consumer is more educated than ever, and we want to see a shift in how people treat beer. We want to talk with you about your leanings, and get you the right beer.
  • You truly cannot get to know a beer on a “splash”. Sure, you can tell the difference between vinegar and soda pop with a splash, but we spend a lot of time struggling over the nuances in beer, and we want you to understand these differences. Your palate adjusts to a beer, and it takes more than a couple sips to really get to know a beer. We feel that 5 oz is a bare minimum to properly appreciate a beer.
  • Our 5 oz tasters start at $2, and the tax is included, so it’s really only $1.82.
  • We work really hard to make this stuff. All we do is make beer, and each one requires a lot of attention. Each new beer style is made thoughtfully, and with all this work we put into education and constant improvement, we feel it’s only fair to ask for a little something in fair trade.

Why don’t you allow dogs anymore?!

  • The King County Health Department doesn’t permit establishments that prepare and serve food to allow pets. Now that we serve food, we unfortunately can’t have dogs.

Why don’t you allow children anymore?

  • We now serve liquor and it’s a different vibe, operating more like a bar than a tasting room. The model is now considered a “brewpub”, rather than a brewery. We hope you can still join us!